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Journal Articles:

Are Highly Public Service–Motivated Individuals Immune to Common Causes of Unethical Behavior? Public Performance & Management Review (2022). With Guillem Ripoll and Xavier Ballart 

The Long-Lasting Effects of Citizenship Education Subjects. West European Politics (2022). With Carol Galais

The Crown: A Survey About the Spanish Monarchy. Political Research Exchange (2021). With Marga Torre and Atoni-Italo De Moragas

Preferences for Consensus and Majoritarian Democracy: Long- and Short-Term Influences. European Political Science Review (2021). With Mónica Ferrín

Affective polarization and the salience of elections. Electoral Studies (2021). With Eva Anduiza and Guillem Rico

Unexpected Event During Survey Design: Promise and Pitfalls for Causal Inference. Political Analysis (2020). With Jordi Muñoz and Albert Falcó-Gimeno [Accompanying website]

The Impact of EU Institutional Advertising on Public Support for European Integration. European Union Politics (2020). With Roberto Pannico

Democracy Belief Systems in Europe: Cognitive Availability and Attitudinal Constraint. European Political Science Review (2019)

Democratic Discontent and Support for Mainstream and Challenger Parties: Democratic Protest Voting. European Union Politics (2018)

Evaluations of the Quality of the Representative Channel and Unequal Participation. Comparative European Politics (2018). With Macarena Ares

The Corrosive Effect of Corruption on Trust in Politicians: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Research & Politics (2017). With Macarena Ares

The electoral consequences of the financial and economic crisis in EuropeEuropean Journal of Political Research (2016). With Hanspeter Kriesi 

Turning Your Back on the EU. The Role of Eurosceptic Parties in the 2014 European Parliament Elections. Electoral Studies (2016). With Hanspeter Kriesi

Book Chapters:

Determinants of Voting Behaviour In “The Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics”. Oxford University Press (2020). With Marta Fraile

The Political Consequences of Corruption Scandals: Main Findings and Challenges. In “The Routledge Companion to Media and Scandal”. Routledge (2019). With Macarena Ares and Sofia Breitenstein

Europeans’ Views of Democracy: the Core Elements of Democracy. In “How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy”. Oxford University Press (2016)

Work in progress:

Minorities’ Views on Freedom of Expression: Unlimited or Protective? (with Mónica Ferrín and Carol Galais) 

Looking the other way? Selective media exposure and the electoral punishment of corruption (with Macarena Ares and Sofia Breitenstein)

Too Crooked to be Good? Trade-offs in the Electoral Punishment of Malfeasance and Corruption (with Sofia Breiteinstein)

Should We Worry About Experiments in Online (Panel) Surveys? (with Eva Anduiza and Carol Galais)

Political Fiascoes and the Evaluation of Politicians: Quasi-experimental evidence (with Macarena Ares)

Research Projects: 

DEMOTRADEOFF: Reconciling Citizens with the Trade-offs of Democracy: Attitudes Toward Democracy Under Rising Politicization (2022-2027). Funded by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant). PI: Enrique Hernández

Selective media exposure and the electoral punishment of corruption (2020-2021). Funded by “la Caixa” Foundation. PIs: Macarena Ares and Enrique Hernández

RUDE: The Rural-Urban Divide in Europe (2021-2024). Funded by the New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe (NORFACE). PI: S. Roßteutscher

Europeans’ understandings and evaluations of democracy. European Social Survey repeat module (2018-2021). Co-applicant and member of the Question module Design Team. PI: Mónica Ferrín

POLCHAN. Political Change in Spain: Populism, Feminism and New Dimensions of Conflict (2018-2021). Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Co-applicant and member of the research team. PIs: Eva Anduiza and Guillem Rico. 

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